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Nostromics designs science gifts and merchandising available for sale at our online shop Nostromics Store: T-shirts, coffee mugs, mousepads, posters and more. Nostromics also creates free science education resources.

We are Italian science educators Paolo Amoroso and Mauro Arpino. Our interests and experience inspire us in creating designs related to science, exploration and technology.

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Why Nostromics
You can buy original Nostromics designs and products only from us online, not at brick and mortar stores or elswehere. Living in Milan, Italy, one of the world design and fashion capitals, is an additional source of inspiration besides our science education experience.

CafePress handles customer orders for us, prints our products and ships them. We chose CafePress because of the excellent printing quality, customer support and leading suppliers, such as Hanes and American Apparel. You can buy safely from Nostromics Store, and pay with credit card or PayPal, because CafePress securely handles online transactions.
Paolo Amoroso
Paolo Amoroso
The right stuff
He works in science outreach and education, mostly focusing on astronomy and space exploration. He does lectures, public astronomical observations, museum guided tours. He works for Civico Planetario “Ulrico Hoepli” in Milan, the largest planetarium in Italy, and Museo Astronomico di Brera also in Milan.

Paolo was born in 1965 and lives in Milan, Italy. He wrote the astronomy popularization book Saturno – nubi, anelli e lune (Italy Press, 1983), articles in Italian astronomy magazines, and other outreach activities. Among his interests are astronomy, space exploration (you’d never guessed), computing and Linux.

The complete profile of Paolo Amoroso includes links to his blog (in Italian), photos and social networking presence.

Paolo is not an astronaut, he just plays one with Photoshop. Astronaut composite image with Paolo’s face by Stefano Tanci.
Mauro Arpino
Mauro Arpino
Think science
He was born in 1965 in Milan, Italy, where he lives. Ever since childhood he was passionate about astronomy and observing the sky. He has been working at Civico Planetario “Ulrico Hoepli” for over a decade as a lecturer for both public and school shows.

History of science is among his favorite interests. He thinks it is an important tool for understanding scientific ideas, and useful training for learning reasoning and critical thinking. Approaching the work of great scientists teaches thinking.

Mauro wrote free astronomy ebooks you can freely download and distribute: Le idee dell’astronomia – Come lo studio del cielo ha cambiato il mondo, a history of astronomy book collecting the material covered in his planetarium lessons for schools, and Un binocolo verso le stelle – Potresti giĆ  avere i mezzi per esplorare l’universo (e non saperlo), an introductory astronomy guide.